Traditional Sessions

Even though Fine Art Styled Sessions are what we are known for, doesn't mean that there isn't something to be said for Traditional Sessions. Simply said, Traditional Sessions are...traditional. It is part candid, smiles and interacting with your family, and part portrait-posing with everyone smiling at the camera. Our goal is to capture your child's personality. Our motto is "Remember them for who they are, not how you want them to be." And while we will pull out our photography tricks to get a sincere smile or even some giggles, sometimes just being in the moment, and capturing whatever is, is what makes Traditional Sessions so special. 


You will be responsible for picking out your families wardrobe, and making sure you come hair/makeup ready to your shoot. Often times, the location is as simple as a park or a backdrop in our studio. A few times a year we will design more elaborate sets that we will make available to ALL our clients, known as our Specialty Sessions (no longer offering mini sessions).

While you are responsible for your families clothing, we are always eager to help when asked and often encourage our families to bring 2+ outfits so that you have options.

None of our sessions are timed, but usually Traditional Sessions can be completed within an hour. 


As you scroll through the images below, please take not of the clean and 'true' editing style. If you are looking for more advanced or 'magical' type editing, please see our Styled Sessions.