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Studio 18 Rental

business growth without limits


Equipped with everything a photographer could possibly need, from studio lights, props, backdrops, clothing, accessories & SO MUCH MORE!


Amature, hobbyist or seasoned pro, take your art to the next level by utilizing our 2,000 sq foot open space


Regardless if your teaching an art class, yoga class or whatever your heart desires, we have the tables, chairs and equipment you need for a successful class. 

Small Businesses

No matter where you are in your small business journey, our space can help you bring it to reality. 

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

"I have always been an entrepreneur, & in those early days, I had wish there were more options that would allow me to have a professional space but that was affordable and accessible. I had promised myself that one day, I would offer a flex-space to other creators and dreamers so that they could take the small steps needed to grow and succeed in their passion"


3 Steps to start your rental:

1. You can book your dates/times directly on our website or by messaging Autumn at

The first hour is $60 & each hour after that is $30

2. You can prepurchase hours (this is the best deal) and redeem them when you're ready. They never expire!

3. Show up to the studio and start creating!

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