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Maternity is an Ellie Mellie expertise. We are the leading maternity photographer in Ohio, and have been recognized internationally for our work. We are an accredited maternity professional, and are regularly asked to speak/teach as an expert in maternity photography. We have been honored to judge many prestigious and internationally recognized photography competitions, as well as serve on an accreditation board for other photographers in the realm of Newborn and Maternity Photography. 

Maternity has always been a passion, but has become a profound part of what drives our creativity. While in other photography scenarios, the story has to be designed and told, with maternity, the entire story lays within one person...the mother. Shape and size is no longer something we hide from, but is instead celebrated. Beautiful customized gowns are only part of the fun, and equally as gorgeous is seeing mom wearing the simplicity of her own skin.


We carry a wide range of dresses and unique wardrobe specific for maternity, and work closely with international maternity designers for new looks and even custom designed pieces. 


All the images in the gallery below were captured in a Fine Art Styled Session.


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