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 The Studio & Me

I believe that everyone is beautiful & I am so blessed that as a photographer I get to show them just how gorgeous they really are.


Ellie Mellie is named after my late grand-parents, Eleanor & Melvin & has grown into something more than I could have ever imagined!


My passion is to create images that have a touch of whimsy, are emotive & moody, have creative lighting  & just a bit of an editorial edge. For me, the image begins in my head, and isn't complete until I have had a chance to work my magic in editing. This is what sets us apart and helps us stand out. No idea is too big... no location, country or boundary is too far & even simple or traditional can stand out and become something spectacular. In my eyes, everything has to be fabulous, always in all ways.... and that's exactly what you get with Ellie Mellie Photography.

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