Styled Sessions

Styled sessions are what Ellie Mellie is known for. It begins at booking and often starts with no-more then just an idea. It's the careful planning and construction of wardrobe, location, lighting, posing and more. It's understanding the elements that need to fall into place so that the final execution can take place in post processing. From start to finish it is an orchestra of creativity and thinking outside the box.

Our Fine Art Styled Sessions differ from traditional photography sessions in a few simple ways, and understanding these differences will help you decide what type of session is best for you. One of the biggest differences is that a great image doesn't always mean staring into the camera with a smile. This is because we are trying to evoke emotions, intensity, contemplation or curiosity. Posing is very intentional though that doesn't mean it can't be candid. We use strategic manipulation of lighting to capture the exact mood we are aiming for, indoors or in-studio. Sometimes, the face and a simple backdrop is enough to tell our story, other times, its a fancy set or thought-out wardrobe. Choosing a styled session means relinquishing control and giving full faith to your photographer to handle everything for you, including hair. makeup, wardrobe and set design. 


As you scroll through the images below, you will notice that there is a certain level of expertise and advancement in editing (post-processing). It's important to know that this advance editing, otherwise known as the 'Ellie Mellie Touch', is included with your Styled Session (certain limitations apply). If what you see below is what you imagine as a final product for your family, then a Fine Art Styled Session is what you are looking for.

Fine Art Styled Sessions are most popularly seen in our maternity work, but can be applied to families or children sessions 


We look forward to creating magic with you!